Morristown Healthy Programs

Morristown Healthy Programs

There are many healthy programs in Morristown that you could be using!

Staying healthy is always relevant and always important and Lisa’s Thermography & Wellness is on your team! Living here in Morristown has it’s perks, such as a number of programs you can get involved in to stay healthy! This post is all about excellent programs you can join in order to keep fitness levels high, and health as a priority! Here are some of our favorites.

Morristown Healthy Programs - Lisa's Thermography and Wellness

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Trade in the treadmill and weight machines for an all new workout experience. If you have never taken a Barre class before be prepared to have your mind blown at Barre3 in Morristown! Barre3 delivers a full body workout using only low-impact movements. This barre gym got its name from the state of the art 3-step workout they offer their members and guests. Through this 3-step workout you can be sure to experience a not only body cleansing, but mind cleansing workout that penetrates your muscles and thoughts. So if you’re looking for ways to get in a regular, affective workout, but don’t enjoy going to your typical gym, try out Barre3! You will definitely get an amazing workout you didn’t expect. Learn more about Barre3 and their 3-step basic workout on their website.

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Morristown Healthy Programs - Lisa's Thermography and Wellness

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If you’re looking for a great gym to join look no further than Full-time Fitness! Winner of several “Best Of” awards in New Jersey this gym pulls out all the stops when it comes to keeping their customers coming back. Named “Full-Time Fitness” likely because of it’s accessibility, members have access to the gym 24/7, even on holidays and snow days. So there’s no excuses here for why you weren’t able to go to the gym today! If you’re looking for even more than just a place to come run on the treadmill, Full-Time Fitness also offers a few different personal training classes to intensify your fitness goals on a personal level. So if you’re searching for gym where you can be serious about your fitness and health at, Full-Time Fitness may be perfect for you!

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Morristown Healthy Programs - Lisa's Thermography and Wellness


Getting in a solid workout is simple here. SimplyCycle offers Spin classes and Spin classes only! You may be asking, what exactly is Spin? Well it’s like riding a bike, but you don’t move and you have a qualified instructor encouraging you along the way. You get to take complete control of this workout. You get to pick where your destination is, how you’ll get there and how intense you want to ride. While there is an instructor guiding you along the way, at the end of the day the level of fitness you attain throughout your workout comes from within YOU! SimplyCycle a great place to come and well… simply cycle!

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Here’s to a Healthier Morristown!

Here at Lisa’s Thermography and Wellness we believe that we can help Morristown become even healthier. That is why we are setting up shop as the premier Morristown Thermography and Medical Thermography provider. Learn how you can use  our services to not only detect disease, but prevent disease before it has time to grow!

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