In this interview with Dr. G you will learn a little bit more about my story and why we do wha’t we do at Lisa’s Thermography & Wellness.

We all have a story. For me I born with cognitive heart disease that kept me from being able to play sports and do things that other kids go to do. One thing I was able to do was dance. I fell in love with the art of dancing and was thrilled that I found an outlet for exercise that I loved doing so much.

After getting engaged, I woke up one morning and did not feel well at all. Turns out I was experiencing the symptoms of a heart attack. After going to the hospital and my cardiologist, I was sent to someone at Colombian Presbyterian and found out I was not getting enough blood flow to my heart through one of my main arteries.

After undergoing an open heart surgery and a stress test I was able to have my first son. A year after giving birth to him I was exercising one night when I started vomiting blood. Once again I went to the hospital and my cardiologist. I found that I had a hole in my left lung. After a year of medicine I finally received laser surgery to fix my lung and eventually had my second son and my daughter.

Once my daughter was in kindergarten, I knew I wanted to do something with the journey I had gone through with my health. I went to holistic nutrition school which is where I learned about what I do now: thermography! After going through so many chest x-rays in my past I loved that this was an alternative to all the radiation of an x-ray.

How can thermography benefit you as a client?

Its a noninvasive test, theres no pressure and no radiation. It looks at inflammation and vascular patterns. It looks if there is toxicity present, any lymphatic congestion and the list goes on. A mammogram is looking for the anatomical lump that has formed while thermography looks at physiology… what has been leading up to that point.

A lot of times women come in choosing a thermogram and what they find is a lot of lymphatic congestion in their breasts which from there they can be taught how to clear that congestion. What we do is analyze the results and then send them back to the client along with suggestions for healthy changes for their bodies

Thermography isn’t just for women, men can benefit from a thermogram too! We can look at multiple places in the body from your head all the way down.

At Lisa’s Thermography and Wellness it’s our mission to help our clients! We provide them with information and tools to help them change their well-being and to help guide them in a lifestyle change that can actually help them prevent some serious diseases.

So what are you waiting for? Get a thermogram today! Know what’s happening before it happens, I think you own yourself that. For more information, please view my interview with Dr. G to get more details on my story and why we do what we do.

Here’s to a Holistically Healthy You!

Here at Lisa’s Thermography and Wellness we believe that we can help you become even healthier. Ask about where we are serving throughout the week to bring you Thermography and Medical Thermography throughout New Jersey.

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