There are many healthy programs in Lincoln Park that you could be using!

Staying healthy is always relevant and always important and Lisa’s Thermography & Wellness is on your team! Living here in Lincoln Park has it’s perks, such as a number of programs you can get involved in to stay healthy! Here are some of our favorites.

Healthy Programs in Lincoln Park - Lisa's Thermography & Wellness1. BUY FRESH, BUY LOCAL CAMPAIGN

Lincoln Park is a big supporter in the Buy Fresh, Buy Local campaign. This campaign supports local businesses and farms, but also to encourages consumers to purchase the healthiest, freshest and most nutritious products available. The following farms are supporters of the Buy Fresh, Buy Local campaign: Borinski Farms, Gooserock Farm, Jersey Fresh, Shoprite of Lincoln Park. Do something good for yourself and your family by buying fresh and local today!

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Healthy Programs in Lincoln Park - Lisa's Thermography & Wellness2. 2ND ANNUAL DIABETES AWARENESS WALK

After the success of last year’s first ever Diabetes Awareness Walk in Lincoln Park, the walk is back for round two! Walkers will gather in Lynn Park to participate in a walk that will raise awareness for Diabetes. There will be giveaways, raffle prizes, a warm-up exercise and more! All proceeds made from the Diabetes Awareness Walk will be donated to the National Diabetes Foundation. Registration is required, the walk is on October 14th, register today!

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Healthy Programs in Lincoln Park - Lisa's Thermography & Wellness3. WALK WITH A DOC PROGRAM

The Walk With a Doc programs offers health education and exercise all combined into one! Participants will hear a short presentation on a health topic offered by a physician from the Chilton Medical Center community. Then, the doctor will walk with the group side-by-side, chatting with you and answering questions. In this low-stress environment, you will have the opportunity to be active while learning and getting to know one of our physicians. This event is also free of charge to all those interested!

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Here’s to a Healthier Lincoln Park!

Here at Lisa’s Thermography and Wellness we believe that we can help Lincoln Park become even healthier. That is why we are setting up shop as the premier Lincoln Park Thermography and Medical Thermography provider. Learn how you can use  our services to not only detect disease, but prevent disease before it has time to grow!

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