The answer is YES, thermography can see food allergies! In the thermographic images below, a patient has suffered for years with food allergies such as dairy, gluten and soy. The before photo was taken just a week before the second.

food allergy greyscale

     Before                                                      After 

food allergy rainbow

In the images above, we see a greyscale and rainbow version of each before and after. In the first photos taken, this patient was complaining of severe abdominal cramping, bloating and pain in the liver region. As we can see, the liver looks to be inflamed and the entire abdominal region is speckled, indicating inflammation. In the second photos, we can see the the speckled inflammation pattern has significantly decreased, and the liver is no longer “white hot.”

Products To Help With Food Allergies

With this specific patient, stress also played into her reaction. By simply detoxing with Nature’s Sunshine Para Cleanse, using apple cider vinegar three times a day, and applying essential oils to the abdominal region, this patient saw significant improvement in just one weeks time.

Thermography has been proven to be a useful tool in helping see food allergies and inflammation! If you are suffering from pain, call Lisa and schedule your initial or follow up imaging now!

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