While it is essential to promote heart health and wellness, it is important to build awareness of nutrition and practices to avoid for your heart.

  • Heightened Emotional/Mental Stress and Trauma ♥️

In a world like ours, stress and trauma seem hard to avoid. Stress and trauma have a harsh impact on the heart. When the body is undergoing high-stress levels, the arteries begin to pump faster and irregularly, which causes blood pressure levels to increase. Additionally, when the heart endures depression or trauma, the heart experiences a temporary failure of normal and necessary functions. As a result, the heart can only withhold so much stress and trauma. To prevent these negative emotions from heightening, it is important to implement wellness practices to ease your mind. Some essential holistic practices include yoga, meditation, and walks outside.

  • Eating a Meat-Based Diet ♥️

Any diet that contains large amounts of sodium and saturated fats can put you at risk of heart disease. Fatty meats promote sluggishness of the heart and can potentially lead to clogging. Eating lean meats or following a plant-based diet aids the heart’s ability to function.

  • Weight Fluctuation and Obesity ♥️

Did you know that every 2 out of 3 women in the United States is obese? Also, statistics show that women have a higher rate of obesity in comparison to all other adults. Obesity forces the heart to constantly work on overdrive, which can lead to heart failure sooner than the average individual. Obesity leads to fatigue which greatly lessens the physical activity needed for a healthy heart. In addition to obesity, weight fluctuation has similar effects on the heart. When an individual gains a large amount of weight and then loses it, the heart works harder to adapt properly to the individual’s needs. Weight fluctuation can also lead to early signs of heart failure.

  • Hormones and Taking Birth Control ♥️

Many women are involved in Rx hormone replacement therapy and forms of birth control. When the body’s natural hormones become imbalanced by these practices, issues tend to arise. For example, estrogen is a hormone that protects the heart, but when it is depleted or manipulated, it can no longer efficiently perform its role. In many cases, women lose estrogen naturally. Many individuals become involved with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to promote the supply of estrogen without manipulating our hormones. This wellness practice allows individuals to naturally balance and supply their bodies with the necessary hormones for their unique bodies.

  • Not Getting Your Annual Thermogram ♥️

By not getting your thermography screening, you risk a severe health decline. Thermography allows individuals to fully understand their bodies and work towards overall wellness. When thermograms become pushed onto the back burner, you also put your health on the back burner. It is crucial to continuously check in with your body to give it the nutrients it needs to flourish, especially our hearts.

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