Thermography is the Gold Standard For Measuring Sympathetic Response Fight or Flight / Stress.


However, the problem with fight or flight today, is that it is activated in nonthreatening situations like bad traffic or even an overwhelming amount of work, which consequently makes stress triggered with ease.

Health Discovery.. “See” Stress with Thermography! 

We believe there is another way to experience health care. 


Stress triggers “Fight or Flight Response” message to the hypothalamus –>

Signaling the adrenal glands to release adrenaline and cortisol into the bloodstream—>

Which in turn floods the body with inflammatory cytokines in preparation for possible injury—>

Leading to inflammation does its damage.

What is your stress level?

Instead of just wondering, see your stress level through thermographic images. The “white-hot” areas in a thermographic image can reveal what stress is doing to your body. There are many effects to long-term stress, one of which being your overall health begins to decline. The following is a few examples of how long-term stress can effect your body:

  • Organs stop functioning properly
  • Adrenal glands become fatigued (and so do you)… constantly pumping cortisol
  • Constant state of inflammation, creates environment for diseases like: Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Chronic Pain and more


Are you stressed out just from reading this post? Don’t sweat! Come into Lisa’s Thermography & Wellness today! The first step is seeing where stress is affecting you and go from there. We can help get you back on track to a “less-stress” lifestyle.