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At Lisa’s Thermography and Wellness

we strive to provide the best patient services, a pleasant imaging experience and high quality accurate imaging.

Hear from Our Amazing Patients!

“The past 5 sessions have been wonderful!”


Lisa made me feel welcomed and comfortable and explained the entire process as we went along.

Colleen L.

Booking an appointment with Lisa has been the best decision I have made for taking control of my health and life!

Roxanne D.

The nicest, most patient and extremely knowledgable technician I dealt with in a long time.

Marzena P.

An excellent service to do if you are wanting to learn about your health!


What makes our thermography company
hotter than the rest?


we provide the best patient services


a pleasant imaging experience


high quality accurate imaging


we are well trained in proper imaging protocols and techniques


we provide the patient and practitioner with a comprehensive report


our cameras are calibrated which means your test results are always accurate


we use only the highest resolution cameras available for medical imaging


our software is patented


our automated imaging stands ensure that all the images are precise, in focus and appropriate for interpretation.

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