See how your thermograms can show your shoulder and trap inflammation caused by stress.

If You Hold Stress in Your Shoulders, You Are Not Alone!

It has become increasingly more common for individuals to hold a majority of their stress on their shoulders. If you constantly find yourself shrugging your shoulders and having to release them throughout the day or a constant feeling of stiffness, these are significant signs of shoulder and trap inflammation.

Through the lens of thermography, inflammation due to your stress, oftentimes, look like this:


Here are some helpful tips to ease the stress in your shoulders and taps!

  • 1. Find Ways to Manage Your Stress

It is essential to introduce healthy hobbies into your daily life to help lower your stress levels. More specifically, healthy hobbies are activities you indulge in to promote positive mental health and give your mind a break from the day. Whether you choose to exercise, read a few pages of your favorite book, call a friend, or draw a picture, it is important to find an activity that eases your racing mind.

  • 2. Implement Shoulder Exercises to Release Current Tension

On sunny days, take some time to go outside and bask in the sunlight. Vitamin D, sunlight, can drastically improve your mood. Depending on how much vitamin D your Simple exercises that you can do throughout the day can help release tension and minimize the intense shoulder pain at the end of the day. There are many great
exercises and stretches you can do! To get started, follow along with this video:

  • 3. Stretch Your Muscles Daily

Finding easy ways to incorporate full body stretching will allow your body to expel the stress that has built up throughout the day. Some ways to incorporate full body stretching into your daily routine can be to:
Do a low intensity yoga flow
Take a stroll around your neighborhood
Take a light walk on a treadmill
Do traditional full body stretches for 10 minutes

Written By: Haley Paccione, CT
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