Can Fillings Affect Your Holistic Health?

The answer is YES! Not-so-fun fact: silver amalgam fillings are actually only 35% silver. In reality, 50% of amalgams are mercury! Mercury is known to be one the of the more toxic substances here on our green earth. With that being said, mercury is not something we want to put in our mouths!

Can Fillings Affect Your Holistic Health? – Lisa's Thermography & Wellness

Typical, Mercury Fillings Can Hurt

If you have silver or amalgam fillings, don’t use any mouthwash or toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide in it.  Peroxide can be found in whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes, and some like to use the good old brown bottle which can assist in healing inflamed gums. But with amalgams, the peroxide will cause the mercury to leech out of the fillings and enter into your system… yikes!

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Alternate Fillings Method

So what now? Most of the time it’s not good for your teeth to forego the filling if you need one. There are metal free / mercury free options out there for you to try. Zirconia, eMax and Composite Resin are three popular alternatives to an amalgam. To learn more, click the link below!

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Holistic Dental Center

What if you have mercury-laced, amalgam fillings and want them removed? Then Holistic Dental Center in Millburn, NJ is the place for you! Dr. Vladimir Gashinky ensures that his patients will receive proper and careful aid during the removal procedure. In need of more references for Alternate Dentistry to improve your holistic health? Don’t hesitate and contact Lisa today!

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