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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is when women’s ovaries consist of several cysts causing many symptoms that rather from woman to woman.Women with PCOS experience reproductive dysfunction which is shown through irregular menstrual cycles or non-existent cycles. Additionally, PCOS causes women’s insulin levels to drastically increase.

One of the most common and understandable concerns that come with PCOS is:

  • Will I Be Able To Get Pregnant???

While every woman is very unique, there are several ways to increase fertility for women with PCOS. One of the major components is implementing a healthy lifestyle. Exercise and overall body movement is essential to increasing fertility. Way your body is active, it helps your body induce menstruation and regulate your cycles. These exercises mainly include high intensity, weight training and cardio, with the healthy inclusion of a rest day to allow your body to recover. Read HERE to learn more about beneficial exercises and movement for PCOS!

  • The biggest goal a woman with PCOS should set for herself is BALANCE!

Find ways to incorporate whole foods into every meal and find workouts you enjoy. This will allow you to maintain a healthy weight and limit your chances of obesity, which is one of the leading causes of PCOS.

Along with exercising, what you eat is crucial when having PCOS. It is crucial to incorporate high fiber and anti-inflammatory foods into every meal. Most importantly, stay clear of all processed foods!! Here is one of many delicious PCOS friendly recipes!

Written By: Haley Paccione, CT

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