Are you exhausted, have memory lapses, thinning hair, body aches, irritability, depression, sleep problems, low sex drive, constipation and/or weight gain? Perhaps you don’t quite feel right but can’t put your finger on why?
It may be your thyroid gland — the butterfly-shaped gland that rests in the middle of your throat. Blood tests – especially the TSH test- are notoriously unreliable.Thermography may see your thyroid asking for extra help – in time to do something natural and avoid drugs and their side effects! Below – Normal thyroid in the left image and challenged thyroid on the right! What secrets is your body keeping?
Keep an Eye on Your Thyroid Gland - Lisa's Thermography & Wellness
At Lisa’s Thermography and Wellness we can help! By keeping an eye on the thyroid, we can monitor changes over time. Schedule your initial or follow up appointment to begin your journey on the road to Health Discovery!