Health Food Markets in Bedminster

Sometimes… life gets busy and we don’t have the time to meal prep, cook, or even think about what our next meal is. So today’s ‘healthy restaurants’ blog post is going to feature three health food markets with great healthy grab & go options and one of Bedminster healthy restaurants!

1. Kings Food Market Where inspiration strikes

I know this may sounds strange, but this super market is awesome! If you’re ever in a rush for a quick healthy meal, don’t hesitate to walk into King’s Food Market. Aside from being a great supermarket, they have freshly prepared meals ready to order with PLENTY of healthy options. They have great options for people who are gluten free, vegetarian and vegan! They pretty much do it all! Stop in for a Grilled Chicken, strawberry and pea salad with organic spinach, its great!

Check them out here!

Bedminster Healthy Restaurants, Lisa Mack's Thermography and Wellness, New Jersey Thermography

2. The Farmer and the Chickpea 

This one is technically in Somerville… But it’s close right?! I don’t mind taking a little bit of a drive to visit this little gem! This is yet another gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan friendly restaurant with a lot of variety! At the Farmer and the Chickpea, they believe that food is meant to be fresh and handcrafted daily! And I couldn’t agree more! Stop in for a great kale salad and try the quinoa cakes!

Check out what this customer had to say about this healthy restaurant!

“The food is healthy, satisfying, and unlike anywhere else I have found – truly tastes homemade. They have a large number of vegetarian options, which can be very hard to find in the area. Everything is absolutely delicious. What’s more impressive, is the prices are quite reasonable for very large servings” – Kathryn B.

Bedminster Healthy Restaurants, Lisa Mack's Thermography and Wellness, New Jersey Thermography

3. Dean’s Natural Food Market 

This place is great for organic product, supplements,  AND for grab and go meals!  Dean’s Natural Food Market is another grocery story that doubles as a juice bar and prepared food vendor! Stop in and try one of their fresh juices and smoothies, or maybe pick up some sushi and pesto noodles?

Check out what this one customer had to say!

This place is awesome. High selection of organic foods and fresh made guac, chicken salad, etc. The juice bar is top notch – I go here almost every day. – Jon. F

Bedminster Healthy Restaurants, Lisa Mack's Thermography and Wellness, New Jersey Thermography

Here’s to a Healthier Benminster

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