I want you, as you’re reading this, to think about your current posture. Are you slumping over at your computer? Chances are you were, but you’re not alone! In the hustle of the daily grind its common that people begin to slouch in the their chairs or sit in unhealthy positions as they’re sucked into their work. Or maybe you don’t have a desk job, but rather one that keeps you on your feet all day long with little breaks. This can also wreak havoc on your posture. Having a mindful conscious of our posture is not usually at the top of our to-do lists, but let me tell you why it should be!

Every time you lean forward 60 degrees, the stress placed on your neck is increased dramatically. This can eventually lead to numbness, pain, pinched nerves and improper breathing. These all sound like conditions that can put you in a pretty poor mood! Placing stress on your neck can also lead to tense upper back and shoulder muscles, resulting in headaches which can be very frequent for some with poor posture. Can you say you’ve ever met a person who was in a great mood while simultaneously having a headache?

Poor Posture, Poor Mood! - Lisa's Thermography and Wellness

Poor posture can also affect your social and professional life. Body language says a lot about how a person is feeling about what’s going on around them. You may be accidentally sending the wrong message with poor posture! A slumped stance can make you appear sad, afraid or disinterested to peers leading to different treatment that can bring you down without even realizing it.

In a 2015 article, researchers concluded that when facing a high-stress situation, study participants with good posture maintained a higher self-esteem and mood, while those with poor posture experienced heightened stress and used negative words to describe their experience.

It’s incredible how posture can affect our mood that much. Try this: for one day be mindful about the state of your posture. Roll your shoulders back and try sitting and standing in a position that’s healthy for the spine. See if this changes your mood in a positive way. You may feel more confident, accomplished, even more respected by your peers and co-workers.

Dealing with poor posture and can’t seem to snap out of it? We want to help! You can check out our extensive network of chiropractors, osteopaths, and RMT and their clinics right here on our website. Also did you know that you can check in on your posture thermally? Booking a thermography appointment with Lisa Mack is a great visual way to see how poor posture may be impacting your health. Schedule an appointment today to start making improvements on your posture and your mood!

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