At Lisa’s Thermography and Wellness we are taking our responsibility to the community seriously.

We are taking extra precautions in each clinic beyond normal infection prevention and control measures to keep all areas disinfected. Our staff continue to practice safe hand hygiene to help prevent transmission. Before your appointment, please ensure that if you are feeling unwell or experiencing symptoms consistent with Coronavirus to contact the clinic to cancel your appointment.

Any clients who have traveled or will be traveling to areas with high rates of COVID-19, please contact us and plan to postpone appointments for 2 weeks following your return.

While you attend the clinic, we ask that you perform routine hand hygiene – hand sanitizer will be available at the reception and throughout the clinic.  We are disinfecting the room, iPad, pens, equipment (even though it does not touch you). All facilities are taking proper precaution for everyone’s safety.  Please keep in mind it is just Lisa and yourself in the office during your thermography.  We do understand some of you may have your children home from school, we want you to know each of our clinics are kid friendly.

That being said, WE ARE BUSINESS AS USUAL! We will keep you updated with any changes. Please continue reading to learn some good information about the new COVID-19 virus.

A few things from Dr. Monica Sood at Kaya Health and Wellness believe patients can do to increase their immune systems:

The obvious:

  • wash hands
  • a nutrient-rich diet with living foods
  • probiotics in pill form and in foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi to build gut bacteria
  • colloidal silver 1 tsp three times a day
  • Vitamin D 5-10,000 IU’s per day to keep levels between 50-80
  • Beta Glucan supplement
  • Vitamin C 1000 mg 4 times a day
  • good multivitamin
  • elderberry
  • AND if you can get IV vitamins and Vit C that’s even better as it goes directly into the bloodstream at high doses