Many have asked; Is Your Gut Health Controlling Your Brain?

digestive-pain-400As we explore total body health for people with medical thermography, we noticed images like the one at the right. This image shows a thermographic image of someone’s digestive system. Not many people know what they are looking at, but to a professional medical thermographer we know that they could use some preventative gut health treatment.

Feeling Down? Check Your Gut!

You may be trying to take a new level or achieve a new goal and realize that your brain just won’t kick in like you want. You may try to rally the discipline you need to build a new habit or achieve a new goal and be simply unable to make yourself.

Too often, people beat themselves up. They think, “Why can’t I do this?” or “I knew I am not good enough!”. Thoughts like these don’t help anyone. And they may not even be accurate!

There Is a Powerful Gut-Brain Connection! The Data is In, So Act on It!

More than enough data has been revealed to show that what is in your gut (based on the food you eat!) has a MASSIVE impact on brain functions such as your mood and cognitive function. (Article on the data about your gut health and its impact on your brain.)

If we have all this data, why don’t we act on it?

Because it is difficult! It is difficult to change your diet. It is difficult to start a new habit. At least, it is extraordinarily difficult if you are doing it alone!

Find a Gut Health Partner!

Partner with someone who not only has the ability to hold you accountable, but someone who can help you track if your gut health is improving. Find a professional medical thermographer in your area and have an initial conversation about how to track the progress of your gut health, and start taking new levels today!


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Lisa Mack, CCT, HHC
Thermographer and Holistic Counselor
Founder, Lisa’s Thermography and Wellness