There are many healthy programs in East Hanover that you could be using!

Staying healthy is always relevant and always important and Lisa’s Thermography & Wellness is on your team! Living here in East Hanover has it’s perks, such as a number of programs you can get involved in to stay healthy! This post is all about excellent gyms you can join in order to keep fitness levels high, and health as a priority! Here are some of our favorites.


East Hanover Healthy Programs - Lisa's Thermography and WellnessLooking for an excellent fat burning exercise that will also reduce stress? Kill two birds with one stone: get a great workout and take out your stresses of life on a real life punching bag at CKO Kickboxing! There are several locations for this kickboxing gym, one of which is right in the heart of East Hanover. Fitness kickboxing is the number one fat-burning, cardio exercise burning as much as 1,200 calories in a one hour class! At CKO Kickboxing, group classes are fun and engaging and keep the punches and kicks basic to focus on the fitness aspect of the workout. They offer kickboxing classes for both beginner and advanced levels, so each member can work out at their own pace. So if you’re looking for a fun way to burn fat and ease stress, look no further than CKO Kickboxing!

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East Hanover Healthy Programs - Lisa's Thermography and Wellness


Yes, this fitness program is as fun as the name makes it sound! Their website says it best: “Jazzercise is a pulse-pounding, beat-pumping fitness program that gets you results…fast. It’s a calorie-torching, hip swiveling dance party with a hot playlist to distract you from the burn.” This gym specializes in women’s fitness and they know how to make it fun! You burn up 800 calories in one hour long session and you don’t have to wear a leotard or legwarmers in order to participate. There are several Jazzercise programs across the United States and one can be found right in East Hanover. Sign up for a membership and have fun while you workout!

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East Hanover Healthy Programs - Lisa's Thermography and Wellness3. MISSION FITNESS

It’s not a post about gyms without one of the options being a Crossfit gym! Mission Fitness is one of many gyms that fills the Crossfit void in the East Hanover. This gym thrives the success of well-being and progression of its members. To ensure members meet their fitness goals, they utilize functional movements and stress the importance of proper technique to enhance their mind, body, and challenge them to try new skills and commit to improving every day. Workouts at Mission Fitness are constantly varied, using functional movements combined with intensity. Becoming a gym rat shouldn’t be a chore. Classes at Mission Fitness are something members look forward to everyday. Join Mission Fitness for amazing workouts and fun!

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Here’s to a Healthier East Hanover!

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