There are many Bedminster healthy programs that you could be using!

Staying healthy is always relevant and always important and Lisa’s Thermography & Wellness is on your team! Living here in the Bedminster area has it’s perks, such as a number of programs you can get involved in to stay healthy! This post is all about excellent programs you can join in order to keep fitness levels high, and health as a priority! Here are some of our favorites.

Bedminster Healthy Programs - Lisa's Thermography and Wellness

Photo courtesy of Hunterdon Fitness & Wellness Center.


Something we love to see is heath and wellness center as a center piece of a town. Hunterdon Health and Wellness Center in Whitehouse Station is just that kind of center for its fellow town citizens. Located just 15 minutes outside of Bedminster, you can fully expect to have a well rounded healthy experience at Hunterdon. At this center you’re given the opportunity to enroll in several different fitness classes that are designed to give you the work out your body needs. At Hunterdon, there is also a café open not just to the members, but the community as a whole. The Atrium Café offers a number of healthy and fresh options you can enjoy after a great workout. Menu items include omelets, wraps, paninis and more. If that’s not enough, Hunterdon even provides over 100 classes on a wide variety of topics. Classes are discussion based and aim to educate the community on important health topics. So if you’re looking for a place to get a great workout, a tasty meal and solid wellness based discussion, Hunterdon is perfect for you! Not in the Bedminster area? There is also a location in Clinton!

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Bedminster Healthy Programs - Lisa's Thermography and Wellness

Photo courtesy of Branchburg Sports Complex


Located 20 minutes outside of Bedminster is the Branchburg Sports Complex, New Jersey’s premiere sports and family entertainment center! This place is fitness heaven on earth for children and families. This is the perfect place to come if you’re looking for a safe and clean space to enroll your child in sports activities. There are a number of activities to choose from including: soccer, basketball, baseball/softball, football and more! The Branchburg Sports Complex also offers several camps throughout the year we’re sure your child will have a blast at. Also, why not make your family night or your birthday party an active, high energy, fun event? The Branchburg Sports Complex has many fun activities for your family and friends to enjoy such as the 9,000 square foot, four-level interactive laser tag arena or the multi-level PlayMaze that offers 82 different play elements to challenge and entertain your child. BSC is the place to be, make your next family night and active one and come on down to Branchburg Sports Complex!

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Bedminster Healthy Programs - Lisa's Thermography and Wellness3. THE MAX CHALLENGE

If you’re serious about challenging yourself to live a healthier lifestyle then you should sign up to be a member at The Max Challenge. With a location right here in Bedminster, you don’t have to travel far for solid accountability in your wellness journey. The Max Challenge isn’t just any typical gym, but a place where people with similar fitness goals come together for 10 weeks to motivate one another along the path of a healthier lifestyle. This gym offers two different ways of wellness through their 10 week program: fitness training and nutrition plans. The fitness program incorporates cardio training and strength training so that you can burn fat and increase strength at the same time and is designed for all levels of fitness. The nutrition plan is based around three keys to nutritional success: the right foods, the right portions and the right timing. You will be taught how to measure serving sizes and much more, plus all food can be found at your local supermarket! Transitioning into a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult. By signing up for The Max Challenge you could discover a healthier you in just 10 weeks!

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Here’s to a Healthier Bedminster!

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