Here are some of our favorite Florham Park Healthy Restaurants

Looking for a place to eat out at this weekend, but don’t want to blow it with your calorie count? Have no fear! Here are some of our favorite healthy restaurants near Florham Park, NJ.

Florham Park Healthy Restaurants - Lisa's Thermography and Wellness 1. ZINA’S SALADS

There’s something about being passionate about the food you make that makes it taste extra better. This is certainly the case here at Zina’s Salads. Head chef and owner Zina Shaknovich opened her salad restaurant in 1983 based on the belief that food must be tasty, beautifully presented, and healthy. Being an avid traveller, Zina has created menu items with exciting flavors from around the world. Many times we are under the impression that healthy food can’t taste good, but Zina strives daily to break those barriers for her customers. If you are craving a unique, healthy salad and while also wanting to support local business, Zina’s Salads is the place for you!

Here is what one customer had to say:

I once bought the Carrots and Raisins Salad in the mid-90’s on the UWS and had to call Zina’s to get a whole 5 pound tube for myself. Since then I am a regular client- and always look for their new products. Their salads are by far the tastiest out there. A must try! I wish Zina’s lots of success! – Carry

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Florham Park Healthy Restaurants - Lisa's Thermography and Wellness 2. JUNGLE JUICE

This family owned business will satisfy your sweet tooth with healthy, fruity smoothie options and more! At Jungle Juice, they use fresh fruits and vegetables, and all natural ingredients to promote healthy lifestyles for their customers. You don’t have to feel guilty about slurping down on a delicious smoothie if it’s from Jungle Juice! Some of their offerings include: fruit smoothies, vegetable juices, acai and pitaya bowls and even lighter milkshakes! You won’t regret trying Jungle Juice at any of their many locations.

Here is what one customer had to say:

Awesome stop for both smoothies and green juices. Their healthy veggie juices are especially good. – Andrew M.

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Florham Park Healthy Restaurants - Lisa's Thermography and Wellness3. CHOPT

Florham Park area must love their salads! Chopt Creative Salads can be found right in the heart of Florham Park and offers a wide variety of tasty and creative salads to choose from. One of the cool things about Chopt is beyond their predetermined menu items you can even construct your own salad, choosing from the an insane amount of combination choices! Chopt breaks the stigma that salads have to be boring with menu items such as their Mexican Caesar, Mediterranean Falafel and Kebob Cobb salads. Come fill up on a salad from Chopt!

Here is what one customer had to say:

Tried this place for the first time today! Delicious salad with fresh ingredients. I was going to get pizza but I’m so glad I got Chopt instead. It’s really cool how they chop the salad in front of you. I will be coming back! – Liv Hoffman

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 Here’s to a Healthier Florham Park!

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